How to use QuickTime Player on macOS

Many Mac users do not know how powerful those pre-installed apps from Apple are, QuickTime Player is one of them to be underestimated. Here the editor would like to introduce you usages of QuickTime Player so you can use it to do more things than you ever expect.

Play Videos

First of all, it is a player app, so it is quite normal to introduce this feature, you can use it to play almost all videos appeared on Mac. However, some formats like RMVB are not supported.

You can use it to play, pause, rewind, rotate the screen and some other basic operations. What it more, you can also use airplay features to play it on bigger screen or share the video through other apps.

Edit Videos

Some users don’t know how to use it to edit videos. Actually, it is powerful to do edit jobs.

You can use it to Trim videos, which means you can choose whatever the part of the video you want. Go to Edit, then choose Trim, the yellow box can be dragged to choose. You can also choose View and then Show Audio Track to find out quiet sections in the video. Click Trim to operate and if you don’t like the result, go Edit to choose Undo Trim.

You can also use Split function to split videos, which means you can divide the video into several parts and then put them together. Select a clip and choose other editing commands from the Edit menu, such as Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete. Click Done. You can go to View to choose Show Clips to see your clips again,

You can also change the video to make videos with different qualities, go to File and choose Export to click certain quality. There is also other operation like rename and share.

Record Videos

Some users don’t know this feature, which is actually quite helpful, you can use it to record a video from not only your camera, but also the iPhone, iPad, and even iPod touch. All you need to do is go to File and then choose one of the three recording options, namely New Movie Recording, New Audio Recording, and New Screen Recording.

From the name we know that you can use it to record the screen, the editor used this a lot to make guide videos to help others with their Mac. You can also use the camera to make a video, even from iPhone, which is quite interesting.

If you are interested in this player, you can leave your comment below. If there are questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask us, we are glad to help you.


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