HP printers not working on Macs, labeled as malware by macOS

Since last week, Mac users are having trouble using HP printers on their computers. Moreover, they have received warnings from the system that HP printer drivers are malware and may cause damage to the Mac. This issue appears solely on Mac computers, especially ones with macOS Catalina (version 10.15) and Mojave (10.14). Up until now, no Windows user has encountered this issue.

Mac OS system warning says that HP Printer Driver will damage the computer.

HP printer drivers, just like many other hardware drivers, are crucial to the connection between macOS system and its peripherals. This error has caused some trouble since many users are using printers for work, and they are quite worried if the drivers are actually malware. The good news is, users can be assured that HP printer drivers are not harmful and will not damage the computer.

An HP Inc spokesperson told the Register on Friday that this error appeared because HP “unintentionally revoked credentials on some older versions of Mac drivers.” Even though the printer drivers are not harmful, macOS still identifies their signing certificates as revoked and invalid. According to the spokesperson, HP is currently working with Apple to solve this issue.

Although this problem is proven to be mostly miscommunication and HP printer drivers are completely safe, once again it reminds users the potential risks of malwares. To avoid actual malware or viruses, you can download Antivirus One to protect your Mac. It offers on-demand antivirus monitoring and can automatically remove viruses if discovered.

Meanwhile, HP has posted a new article on the printer drivers problem and provided some advice here. You can also contact mac_support@trendmicro.com if you need any further technical support.

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