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If you ever wished you could easily visualize, manage and free up disk space on your computer — even in just one click — look no further. Trend Micro’s Cleaner One Pro does the job for both Macs and PCs.

What is Cleaner One Pro

Cleaner One Pro is an all-in-one disk cleaning and system optimization utility. The PC/Mac cleaner helps to clean up cache, temporary files and other junk files from your computer. It also tunes up your macOS or Windows for optimal performance.

Why choose Trend Micro’s Cleaner One Pro?

Cleaner One Pro’s functionalities are similar in macOS and Windows. Here we’ll focus on its use for Mac storage management (since that’s kind of our thing).
Cleaner One Pro keeps things simple with a minimalist interface and the option of one-click cleanup. It removes unnecessary files to free up disk space on your Mac within seconds.
You also can use it to look a little deeper and see what’s taking up disk space. Then, you can get recommendations on what to do about it. In addition, the app helps you manage apps to keep your Mac nice and neat.

Tune up your Mac and make macOS smoother with Toolbar

Cleaner One Pro’s Toolbar enables you to take control of your Mac by monitoring the CPU, network and memory usage. It also can be used to delete junk files, such as temporary items and hidden leftover files no longer needed, with just one click.
Optimize your Mac system with straightforward tools.
Screenshot: Trend Micro

Smart Scan: Make Mac cleaning smarter and easier

Smart Scan is a one-stop console for all your Mac cleaning needs. When using it to clean your Mac, you can simply load it up, click Scan, and leave the rest to Cleaner One Pro. It uses intelligent algorithms and Safety Database to filter out unneeded, outdated and possibly dangerous items that you can safely remove.
It also diagnoses system issues and scans all your applications to keep your system healthy and fast.
Smart Scan offers straightforward suggestions for optimizing your Mac’s performance.

Screenshot: Trend Micro

Free up space with Duplicate File Scanner, Similar Photo Remover and Disk Map

It’s easy to filter and manage large files with Cleaner One Pro, freeing up more storage space. You also can readily find and delete duplicate files, as well as photos that look very much alike. (You know, like when you get the right shot by taking half a dozen without deleting the other five.)
Cleaner One Pro helps you weed out similar photos.
Screenshot: Trend Micro
Cleaner One Pro’s Disk Map helps you visualize your storage usage in an interactive manner. Seeing it in a map makes it easier to figure out where things belong and decide what should be removed and what shouldn’t.
Disk Map shows exactly what’s taking up space on your hard drive.
Screenshot: Trend Micro

Make your computer boot faster and more secure with Startup Manager

Cleaner One Pro helps you manage your cascade of apps. You can use it to easily set which apps and services launch on startup. Limiting the lineup to apps you actually need shortens your Mac’s boot time and enhances its overall performance.
More importantly, Cleaner One Pro can detect adware start-ups so you can protect your Mac from annoying adware and malicious pop-ups.

Manage those pesky apps

The App Manager shows your apps by name, size or date to make app management easier. It’s simple to remove unwanted apps (and associated files) to free up storage space. You can even remove multiple apps at a time.

What’s gone is really gone

Trend Micro’s Cleaner One Pro also offers an extremely useful privacy feature: File Shredder. Typically, deleted apps and files tossed in the Trash leave behind hidden leftover files. With the Secure Erase settings of the File Shredder, you can make them unrecoverable.
Price: Free download for Mac or PC; $19.99 (20% off) for one device per year; $29.99 (50% off) for five devices per year.
Where to download: Trend Micro

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