[macupdate]Ranking the Best Mac Cleaning Apps for 2021-22

Best Mac Cleaners

Over time junk and temporary files can pile up on your Mac’s system drive, taking up space and even slowing it down. Speed problems are less likely with newer Macs, of course, particularly the new ones with Apple’s own M1 chips in them. But the latest models come with as little as 256GB of storage, which can easily run short if you save a lot of big files. You can’t upgrade your storage either unless you fancy breaking out a soldering iron.

So whether you have a new Mac or an older model, it can be useful to optimize by finding and removing unnecessary data. You can search for this data manually and delete it, but that takes time. In more recent versions of macOS, there are some built-in tools to optimize disk space, but those remove everything.

To clean your Mac more thoroughly but also easily, you can use Mac cleaning software. These apps will seek out data you don’t need, enabling you to safely delete it. Here we look at some of the best available right now.

What makes a good Mac cleaner tool?

Ideally, you should look out for these features when you’re hunting for a Mac cleaning app:

Safe cleaning. You don’t want to delete the wrong thing. A good cleaning app will identify only the files that are safe to remove.
Large file finder. A full disk analyzer or a large file finder can help you to quickly locate files that take up storage space. You’ll need to manually identify what to delete, though.
Duplicates finder. Duplicates can get created for all kinds of reasons, and they can end up taking up a lot of space. A good cleaning app will find them for you.
Extra features. If your Mac cleaner also has built-in antivirus, VPN or something else, that means you won’t have to install separate apps. And it could save you some money too.

Cleaner One Pro

Formerly known as Dr. Cleaner, Cleaner One Pro (developed by Trend Micro) is another reliable app to clean up your Mac, particularly if you have a lot of duplicate photos.

It deep cleans your Mac’s storage by removing junk files, duplicate files, similar photos, and so on. There’s also a Big Files tool, which, as the name suggests, lets you preview and delete big files (between 10MB and 500MB). This is a simple, effective way to get back some of your Mac’s disk space.

The Smart Scan feature will check for vulnerabilities affecting your Mac’s performance and suggest actions to get them fixed. Cleaner One Pro also comes with a menu bar tool that displays a quick overview of your Mac’s CPU usage, memory usage, and network status in real-time. This is a handy little thing to have day to day.

Cleaner One Pro is well priced, but if you want any security features, you won’t find them here. That’s definitely something to bear in mind before signing up.

– File shredder tool
– Large file finder
– Affordable pricing

No security features

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