Where can I purchase Cleaner One Pro?

Purchase Cleaner One Pro in-app

You may purchase a subscription inside the app and follow the prompts on how to purchase a subscription. It will direct you to our online store.

Trend Micro offers a yearly subscription for either a single computer or multiple computers (up to 5) that can protect your Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac devices.

Unlock Cleaner One Pro inside the app

Purchase Cleaner One Pro manually

Click the links below to manually purchase yearly subscriptions for Cleaner One Pro.

Cleaner One Pro 1 Device 1 for Year
Cleaner One Pro 5 Device 1 for Year

The payment will not proceed, what should I do?

If you encounter any errors when paying online, follow these steps below:
Update Region in System Preference

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Select Language & Region.
  3. Select the correct region.
  4. Restart Mac.
    If you still encounter the issue, email us at mac_support@trendmicro.com for further assistance.

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